Retirement of two Senior Teachers

In the last one month, the college saw the superannuation of two of its senior teachers. Ms. Navjot Kaur Brar, HOD, Punjabi, completed her tenure on 30.04.2020 after 32 years of service. She worked for the college in various capacities including Dean, Cultural Activities, Public Relation Officer, and also Officiating Principal for nearly four years. Ms. Anshu, HOD, English, had been in the service of the college for 38 long years. She completed her term on 31.05.2020. A standing member of various important committees, she shouldered the twin responsibilities of the Vice-Principal and the Bursar of the college for nearly the last ten years.
The students, staff, and management of the college expresses its gratitude to the worthy teachers for their invaluable services towards the growth and welfare of the institution. They will always be remembered with warm and sincere regards.

Replied by

Ms. Anshu Jindal

Respected Madam
I don’t know how far this note will help me in expressing my feelings this day when I reach my superannuation. Nevertheless try I must. The day of retirement was something beyond my imagination when I joined this institute some thirty eight years ago. But no such scissors have been invented so far as can clip the wings of time; nor can its speed be controlled. So the day has come! It’s the time for me to bid adieu! However, the time also bids me to express my gratitude for each and every thing I received while working with you and my co-workers. I must say that it has been a beautiful and rich journey with a wide spectrum of experiences – new learning, professional growth, warmth of friendship, and sometimes disagreements and conflicts too. But then, no journey is always smooth, and mine was not to be an exception. However, transcending the differences and working for the common good and future of the institution proved to be a valuable lesson as well as a source of deep satisfaction for me that I will cherish all through my life. Madam, I thank you for all the support and encouragement that you have given me personally during my stint in this college. You were not just a boss but a great mentor also. How to handle tough times retaining one’s poise and calm, l have learnt from you. Under your administration, I have acquired new skills and that has turned me into a more confident person. I wish to thank you again for giving me the ability to stand against the storms of challenges. Really, I have taken a rainbow of experiences and a treasure of learning with me. The memories of the time spent in this organization have been etched on my heart. I feel an intimate bond with each and every person working here and I shall always remain indebted to them for the love, affection and respect they have showered on me. Many thanks for the warm send-off you arranged for me. I was overwhelmed with the joy of being loved. May this institution grow, prosper, flourish and keep widening its horizons in the time to come!
Regards Anshu

This is the farewell letter Ms. Anshu, Vice-Principal, Bursar, and HOD (English) wrote to the Principal on her superannuation. It is brimming with the feeling of warm and close connectivity she had developed with the institution during nearly four decades of her service here. While the letter, in a motivating manner, brings into light a teacher who remained a learner throughout her career, it pleasurably, shows the college as the sphere where the boss is a mentor and the employees wield the capability of transcending disagreements to work for the welfare of the common good. Ms. Anshu, in a worth-emulating gesture of giving back, submitted to the college a sum of Rs. 51,000/- to install an annual award in the name of her father Late Prof. J. L. Gupta, for the student securing the highest marks in B.A. (Final) Elective English; for the technological augmentation of department she headed, a three-in-one printer was presented by her; and to each of the 40 members of the support staff of the college, she presented a parting gift of Rs. 500/-.
The students, staff and management of the college will remain indebted towards her for her earnest spirit and untiring services, and wish her health, peace, and prosperity today and always.

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