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Laboratories : The college has 19 spacious and well ventilated laboratories to cater the needs of practical course work. All labs have specially designed workbenches and caseworks for easy handling of articles during practice. Store rooms for storage of lab equipments and chemicals are also provided for labs. Instruments are calibrated and repaired from time to time as per need. All labs have lab attendants for instructing and monitoring the student’s activities in labs.

In last five years, Science labs and Fashion Designing labs have been established in campus with the investment Computer labs have been upgraded and relocated to newly constructed D- Block. Detail of labs is as:

Science laboratories Fashion designing lab
Physics 1 Textile lab 1
Chemistry 1 Garment construction lab 2
Botany 1 Computer lab 1
Zoology 1 Computer lab 1
Dark room 1 Home science lab 1
Biotechnology labs 1 Language lab 1
Computer lab 4 Music lab 2



Computer Lab
Computer Lab:

College has 4 fully furnished labs with cabins for faculty and 1 server room with modern furniture and fixtures. Each lab has easy access  to computers and internet facility  to students and faculty. A total of 132 PC's from established vendors like Dell and Lenovo  are available in the labs for the Course related practical work and out of these 75 terminals have access to Internet. All systems in the four  Labs  are having power supply through four  centralized UPS units  with power back up. The labs also have the facility of Overhead Projectors , White Screens , Internet Dongles for dedicated access , printing facilities and Digital Educational Content in the form of CD's DVD's etc . All major licensed software required for the course requirements are available . The labs have licensed versions of Operating System , Windows 7 , Windows Pro 8.1 ,  MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2013, Oracle , Tally 7.3 Multiuser, Turbo C , Adobe Photoshop 2013 etc .

Physics Lab:

College has one physics  lab to provide hand on experience  of practical's in physics. The lab is equipped with modern instruments for better understanding of course work. In addition there is a separate dark room to carry out the practical's of optics and laser physics. The lab has considerable number of equipments related to conducting physics experiments like Oscillators ,  CRO , DSO, Spectrometer, GM Counters and Pendulums etc.  

Chemistry lab
Chemistry lab:

Department of Basic Science  well equipped  Chemistry Lab with latest instruments to provide hands on experience  of practical's. The lab is well ventilated and equipped with safety equipment. Working shelves and sink in lab has chemical resistant material. The equipment includes Oven Refrigerator , Distillation Plant , Conductivity Bridge , Magnetic Stirrer etc . All kinds of glass apparatus and all kinds of chemicals used in various experiments are available in the Chemistry  lab.

Botany Lab
Botany Lab:

This  lab is well equipped with the instruments i.e. Microscopes, Dissecting Microscope, Potometer, Respirometer, Clinostat, etc. The lab has   a collection of preserved specimens, charts and slides of plants showing various stages of their development. The students are effectively demonstrated about the biodiversity and various types of flora using preserved and live specimens, charts, diagrams and audio visual aids. Students are given hands on training in various  experiments like physiology, plant section cutting and staining and other experiments.  Department has well established Botanical Garden housing different types of medicinal and ornamental herbs shrubs and trees; a lily pond and poly-house  is also under construction. Visits are also arranged to various botanical gardens at different State  Universities in Punjab    on a regular basis to acquaint the students with  the rich flora of North India  and the taxonomy, ecology and economics of plants.

Zoology Lab:

It is a  fully furnished lab with specimen, slides and preserved animal models. Equipments in the lab are Microscopes , , Dissecting Microscope , PH Meter , Incubator  etc. There is a Zoological Museum containing Human Skeletop and  wide spectrum of Fauna and Biodiversity.  Charts and specimens displayed in the labs enrich the knowledge of students.

Biotechnology Lab:

The department has one lab divided into 3 sections to carry out practical's of course work. The lab is equipped with modern sophisticated instruments like thermo cycler, ELISA reader, CO2 incubator, laminar air hood, Gel Electrophoretic Apparatus and Fermenter  etc t o cater to  the needs of practical work.

Fashion Designing
Fashion Designing Labs:

There are four labs dedicated to  fashion designing which  includes one textile lab, one  computer lab and two  garment construction labs. The labs are workrooms dedicated to the students of fashion designing. The labs are equipped with sewing machines, sewing tables, drafting and cutting tables, dummies, CAD terminals, printing and dying equipment   and other additional tools.

Home Science
Home Science Lab:

The institute has one home science lab with three working sections for Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textile and Home Management. Labs are well furnished with  latest  equipment like Microwave, Food Processor, Refrigerator, Ovens , Gas stoves  etc. Labs are constructed keeping in view the health and hygiene of the students as well the food products that they make.

Geography Lab:

The  geography lab is equipped with maps, globes, charts, drawing boards, tracing tables and overhead projector to meet the requirement of undergraduate students.

Language Lab:

It is a well equipped digital language lab with modern equipments i.e Desktop Computers with attached Headphones for listening and speaking skills . Suitable Software for English Language Training  The lab provide suitable environment to students to work on speaking skills.

Music Lab:

Music labs have musical instruments for catering service to music vocal and instrument students. The lab has instruments like sitars, harmoniums, sarangi etc for  classic music. Music lab is fully equipped with various musical instruments for both the students of vocal and instrumental music . For Classical Music the Lab Consists of Sitars , Harmoniums , Tanpuras and Tabla. Instruments like Sarangi, Daff, Toombi, Dhol , Dholki , Algoze and flute etc are well placed in the music lab for  accomplishment of   folk singing .

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