Department of Philosophy

History of Department

In 1972, the department of philosophy was introduced with the small number of students. Late Ms. Baltej Kaur served the department from 1974 to 2002. To strengthen up the students, she made tremendous efforts. The result of the department has been around 100% since its beginning. The department is doing its best to promote this subject among the students by providing them every possible opportunity to hone their skills. From time to time the dept. also organizes extention lectures and seminars.

Faculty Profile

  • Dr. Nirmaljit Kaur
  • Specialization :Social Philosophy
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  • Designation :Head & Assistant Professor
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Courses Offered

Name of course No of Seats
B.A1 63
B.A2 52
B.A3 42

Special Achievement of the Students

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Activities of the Department

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