BSc Non-Medical


Department: Basic Sciences

Program Overview:

B.Sc.Non. Medical is a 3 years professional degree that can be obtained by students after completing 12th level education in the non-medical stream. It is one of the most popular course choices among science students after Class 12. Admission in this course is carried out on the basis of merit in the qualifying examination and students must have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as core subject combinations.

In our college, this program is offered in a semester pattern. There will be 2 semesters in each academic year of the course. Students enrolled in this course are provided with both theoretical and practical knowledge.


  • To inculcate the students with knowledge & skills about the life sciences.
  • To provide an exposure to the significance and applications of these subjects in our lives.
  • To make the students learn physical, mathematical and chemical science along with all major and necessary subjects in the realm of applied sciences. 
  • To understand research skills such as coding through C language, statistics and laboratory techniques.
  • To secure admission in a professional job-oriented course.  

Job Opportunities:

B.Sc. Non. Medical is one of the respectable and highest-paying professions. This field opens excellent career opportunities for science students. Employment openings for these professionals are available in a variety of areas such as:

  • Academic Institutes
  • Research and Development
  • Scientists positions
  • Lab Technician
  • Chemist
  • Industry

Fees (Annual):

B.Sc. Non. Medical I- Rs. 31305/-

B.Sc. Non. Medical II & III- Rs. 30575/-

Program Highlights (curriculum wise):

The syllabus of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Non. Medical comprises of following subjects:

Year 1Year 2Year 3
General PunjabiGeneral English (ENG)Chemistry (CHM)
Maths (MAT)Maths (MAT)Maths (MAT)
Chemistry (CHM)Chemistry (CHM)Physics (PHY)
Physics (PHY)Physics (PHY)


Dr Anita Rani, Head, Department of Basic Sciences

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