B.Voc (E-commerce and Digital Marketing)

B.Voc (E-commerce and Digital Marketing)

Department: P.G. Department of Computer Science

Program Overview:

It is an undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree course. Digital marketing for eCommerce businesses is extremely effective to catch attention and convert prospects to customers. It includes E-mail Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Quora Marketing, PPC, Adsense Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc. Digital Marketing deals with promoting/marketing products or services using digital technologies. It deals with marketing and promotion strategies that involve the internet, mobile phones, digital media etc.

There is an exit level of one year the course. Student will get certificate of Diploma if pursued for 1 year, advance Diploma if 2 year completed and Degree if all three years completed. 

Eligibility criteria

10+2 in any stream with 45% marks. must have done graduation in any stream with at least 50% marks.


This course focuses on principles of e-commerce from a business perspective, providing an overview of business and technology topics, business models, virtual value chains and social innovation and marketing strategies.

Job Opportunities:

  • Team Leader
  • Departmental Manager
  • Multi Channel Retail

The online industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Financial sectors like jobs & matrimony, insurance, online classifieds, online transactions are expected to rise in future. Apart from the travel industry, digital downloads and e-tailing, that surrounds buy of home or kitchen appliances, electronic items and jewellery or ornament business will go through e-commerce and digital marketing. So there are lot many areas to explore jobs.

Fees (Annual):

23835/- (in two installments)

1st installment-12040/-

2nd installment-11795/-

Program Highlights (curriculum wise):

  • Acquire entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to start up a business.
  • Develop key skills on strategic decisions, regarding innovation and technology management,
  • Leverage new models in business and e-commerce to increase profitability
  • Learn successful social media and digital marketing techniques
  • Experience real-world application of digital marketing and e-commerce methods
  • Be competent in marketing yourself and your products more effectively & efficiently
  • Gain an understanding on the importance of security, privacy, and ethical issues as they relate to E-Commerce


Dr. Sunil Kumar (HOD), P.G. Dept. of Computer Science

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