The Campus of Guru Nanak College, Sri Muktsar Sahib is a Green Campus. In addition to the plants and trees on the college campus, a well laid out Botanical Garden is maintained by the Department of Basic Sciences. There are around more than 100 species comprising of the Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. The Botanical Garden includes ornamentals, medicinal plants and fruit trees. Each plant is provided with a nameplate giving information about botanical name, family and uses. Additionally, a pond containing hydrophytes and a net house covering shade-loving plants is also present in the territory of the Botanical garden. The Garden helps the students to know about the diversity and richness of the plant species of the region. It also makes it accessible and convenient for the students to gain knowledge about the various groups of plants and their habits, habitat and ecology. The Botanical Garden also adds to the fauna of the region. It also promotes mental and emotional health and provokes the students and teachers alike to protect their environment and surroundings.