B.Voc. (Greenhouse Technology)

B.Voc. (Greenhouse Technology)

Department: Basic Sciences

Program overview and Objectives :

The course is introduced with the objective to prepare Professionals with skills that will enable them to work independently and enter the food production sector.

Job Opportunities:

The Job Opportunities after completing the course Include:

  • Nursery Manager  
  • Green House Assistant
  • Green House Technician 
  • Green House Manager
  • Green House Supervisor 
  • Green House Production Manager
  • Self-employment and as A Florist

Fees (Annual):


Program Highlights :

The students will gain knowledge of the Papers entitled:

Climatic factor affecting the growth of plants; Nursery raising techniques under variable climates; Introduction to Green House Technology; Irrigation techniques and integrated pest management;  Introduction to Horticulture crop; Green House Agro- techniques and crop cultivation; Off Season Production of Horticulture Crops in Green House; Organic farming; Food Preservation and Market Management; Green House Instrumentation; Processing Equipment and Food Storage; Advances in Horticulture; Farm Power and Machinery; Crop Experimentation in Green House; the life of Harvest Perishables; Harvesting Techniques; Grading Packaging and Transport.; Advanced Green House Technology; Packaging and Labelling; Quality Determination.


Dr Anita Rani, Head, Department of Basic Sciences

Dr Sukhvinder Kaur, Assistant Professor in Zoology

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