Student Satisfaction Survey and Feedback Committee

About the committee and Team Members

In education, the term stakeholder typically refers to anyone who has invested in the welfare and success of an institution including students, administrators, teachers, parents, families, community members, local business leaders, and elected officials such as institution board members, city councillor, and state representatives. Thus, a stakeholder (in respect to education) is a person who has interest in the activities of institutions.

From this viewpoint, the teachers, who invest in students, each of them want their work to have a positive impact on children, and their jobs are directly affected by the success of the institutional system; students, those presently receiving education in the institution and can effectively attribute towards curriculum designing, integration and problem based learning methodology to make teaching more balanced; the alumni, who are the brand-ambassadors of the institution they graduated from; Parents, who influence the implementation of the curriculum by playing a vital role in monitoring the lessons taught at institutes, filling the gap between their children and the institute administration by providing various resources which are not available in institute are very important stakeholders who can contribute in success of any institution by giving direct feedback.

The industries, the service sector, the government etc. that may depend upon institution for supply of educated/skilled human resources are all indirect stakeholders. Awareness to the perception of those stakeholders as well as the suggestions they may give, are, therefore, very important for maintaining and improving the quality of services rendered by the institution of higher education. The questionnaires for obtaining the perception, observation and suggestions of different stakeholders who are concerned to the institution are given. Kindly give your feedback.