About the Department (Chemistry)

PG Department of Chemistry offers Graduation courses (B.Sc. Non-Medical and B.Sc. Medical) and one year Post Graduate Diploma in Chemical Analysis of Food. The chemistry discipline has an encompassing effect on the physical and biological sciences and therefore, it is considered a central science. The knowledge and skills in chemistry play an important role in finding the solutions to most of the challenges faced by mankind. The department is composed of dynamic faculty members who are actively engaged in knowledge creation and dissemination at the frontiers of the Chemical Sciences. The department believes in an an interdisciplinary approach to learning and fosters a culture of excellence. Undergraduate students of chemistry have been nurtured and mentored well to compete at the national and international level workshops/examinations/training programmes. The department has started Postgraduate Diploma in Chemical Analysis of Food in 2020 under the NSQF scheme of UGC in 2020. Food analysis is the discipline dealing with the development, application and study of analytical procedures to characterize the properties of foods including composition, structure, physicochemical properties etc. The chemistry laboratory is well-established and equipped with a number of instruments like Conductivity meters, Colorimeters, Calorimeters, Spectrophotometer, pH meters, Refractometers, Atomic model, Beckmann Apparatus, Electronic Balances, Mechanical Stirrers, Electrical Melting Point Apparatus, Hot plates, Fuming Hood, Oven, Distillation plant, Centrifuge Machine, Vacuum pump, Shaker with six plates, Analytical Balances, etc., chemicals and glass apparatus. The students perform their practical work with their keen interest. For the exposure of students to more practical aspects, the department organizes various workshops, training programmes and educational visits to higher institutes and industries etc.

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Two Days National Webinar (RASA-2022)

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National Level Competitive Exam-NGPE-2022

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