Situated on the sacred soil of Sri Muktsar Sahib, Guru Nanak College has, since its inception, followed the noble idea of “ਫੈਲੇ ਵਿਦਿਆ ਚਾਨਣ ਹੋਇ” (dissemination of education spreads light), and played a laudable role in the sphere of women education in this remote region of Malwa. After completing 50 glorious years as a Girls’ College, it appreciated the need of the era along with the demand of the community and decided to widen its horizons in the form of a co-educational institution. Now, with an enormous range of graduate, postgraduate, add on, skill-oriented vocational courses, it is incessantly striving for the all-round development of its students. I feel proud to share with you that our students have not only carved a niche for themselves at the national and international level but they are also leaving their footprints in the spheres of community service and in the making of a responsible society.

I reiterate my pledge to take this institution to new heights in this challenging time of COVID-19. On the auspicious commencement of the session 2021-22, I pray for the bright future of all its students and present my sincerest wishes as a welcome gesture to all who are going to join us in the new session.

S. Manjit Singh Barkandi

Additional Secretary
Local Managing Committee