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The college has 4 fully furnished labs with cabins for faculty and 1 server room with modern furniture and fixtures. Each lab has easy access to computers and internet facilities for students and faculty. A total of 132 PCs from established vendors like Dell and Lenovo are available in the labs for the Course-related practical work and out of these 75 terminals have access to the Internet.

All systems in the four Labs are having power supply through four centralized UPS units with power back up. The labs also have the facility of Overhead Projectors, White Screens, Internet Dongles for dedicated access, printing facilities, and Digital Educational Content in the form of CD’s DVDs, etc. All major licensed software required for the course requirements is available. The labs have licensed versions of Operating System, Windows 7, Windows Pro 8.1, MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2013, Oracle, Tally 7.3 Multiuser, Turbo C, Adobe Photoshop 2013, etc.