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Home science integrates arts and science. It covers all the aspects of human living physical, biological, chemical, social and environments. The students can further study and work as Garment manufacture technologist, Fashion designers, Merchandisers, Interior designers, Dieticians, Bakers, Confectioners, Food preservers. They can start their own entrepreneurial ventures in bakery, boutique, art and craft.

Food and nutrition laboratory: This lab has euipments for weighing, measuring, cooking, baking, microwaving and serving food. The dry groceries are provided to the students from the lab itself.

Clothing and textile laboratory: This lab has equipments for stitching, embroidery, taking measurements, drafting, dyeing and printing.

Home management laboratory: This lab has equipments for making Rangoli, vases of different styles for flower arrangement, flannels, vacuum cleaner, color wheel models etc.

Food Adulteration laboratory: It can be defined as the practice of adulterating food or contamination of food materials by adding a few substances, which are collectively known as adulterants. Adulteration in food is detected in this lab using standard methods.