PG Diploma in Chemical Analysis of Food

PG Diploma in Chemical Analysis of Food

Department: Basic Sciences

Program Overview:

The college has started Postgraduate Diploma in Chemical Analysis of Food in 2020 under the NSQF scheme of UGC in the Department of Basic Sciences. Food analysis is the discipline dealing with the development, application and study of analytical procedures to characterize the properties of foods including composition, structure, physicochemical properties etc. Food safety and quality have become an area of priority and necessity for consumers, retailers, manufacturers and regulators. This course will provide nutritional and biochemical knowledge to the students and helps to generate an adequate output, income and employment. In our country, the major occupation of the people is agriculture and country have large potential in food and agricultural sector. It is a large sector that covers many activities in fruits and vegetable processing; Grain processes; Meat and poultry processing; Dairy products; Fisheries and Consumer foods. The quality of agricultural produce is of utmost importance both for local as well as export markets. This programme is expected to meet the need of increasing good quality food for humans. The comprehension of food assays to the students and thus to the industry will help in regulating the sales of food on commercial, industrial, and governmental levels as it will assist them to meet certain specifications generally set by the purchaser to control the pesticides and insecticides used during the production of food. 


  • The course seeks to develop India’s capability to meet the global food safety and quality requirements and enhance the competitiveness of food products. From a long-term perspective, it would contribute to ensuring consumer safety within and outside the country. 
  •  To prepare professionals with skills that will enable them to work independently and rapidly enter the food and beverage production.
  • Constant improvement of food products from both the quality and economic aspects. 
  •  Ensuring the sustainability and eco-compatibility of the industrial activities and introducing innovations in specific activities.
  •  It is beneficial to develop professionals for the development, implementation and auditing of Food Safety and Quality Management in the country. 

Job Opportunities:

  • Academic Institutes
  • Food and Beverage industry
  • Food research laboratories
  • Pharmaceuticals companies
  • Food Technologist
  • Quality Manager
  • Technical Brewer
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Production Manager

Fees (Annual):

Rs. 24105/-

Program Highlights (curriculum wise):

Semester I

S.No.PaperName of Paper
1.Paper-IChemistry of Foods
2.Paper-IIFood Adulterants/Additives and Testing of Foods

Semester II

S.No.PaperName of Paper 
1.Paper-IChemistry of Foods
2.Paper-IIFood Adulterants/Additives and Testing of Foods


Dr Anita Rani, Head, Department of Basic Sciences

Nodal Officer, UGC Skill Development Courses

Ms Kirandish Kaur

Assistant Professor in Chemistry

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